Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona


I am Alazne, located in the Barcelona area in Spain. I hold a Ph.D. in couples relationships counseling. I focus my clinical practice primarily on couples therapy. At my training and university lectures, I teach how to handle couples in treatment and promote healthy relationships starting from the first dating relationships during adolescence. Working with couples has become not only my profession, but also my passion.

My scientific career, along with my clinical experience in couples therapy, led me to discover the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. Based on the Developmental Model, I teach couples strategies that put them back on a path to growth. A path towards intimacy, connection, understanding, respect, commitment, and mutual support. A path of self-knowledge and discovery of the “other” that allows finding the balance between the “I” and the “we.” A path that culminates in teaching couples to dispel the mistrust and threat that frequently challenge many of the couples I support.

My vision of relationships contrasts with the messages of passionate, conflictive, and toxic relationships fed by current Western society, where mass consumption of films, lyrics, reality shows, and social networks spread messages that increase schemes of emotional dependence, fusion with no limits, and total loss of personal identity. I work hard to counteract these relationship models, teaching strategies that promote safe and healthy bonds, characterized by great respect for each other’s differences.

Sant Cugat del Valles



  • Anger management or verbal abuse
  • Betrayal
  • Commitment
  • Compatibility conflicts
  • Drifting apart
  • Falling out of love
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Intimacy or sexual issues
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of trust
  • Motivation/Priorities/Roles & Responsibility
  • Negotiation and decision making skills
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Physical or emotional affair
  • Pre-marital issues
  • Role of power/controlling behavior
  • Trauma

Clinical Approach: Developmental Model
Years of Experience: 5+

  • LMFT (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist) Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor (LMFT)
    All well-trained relationship specialists seek to offer advice, feedback, observations, and homework to help your relationship evolve.

    Therapists and counselors have mandatory educational and licensing requirements that are determined by the state or country in which they practice. Obtaining this license requires a Masters degree which takes approximately two years of post graduate study. The license also requires 3000 hours of supervised work and passing written exams.

    Counselors and therapists may make situational determinations about how deep to go into the personal history of each partner. They may seek to help you see where certain unhelpful patterns of behavior originated.
  • Licensed General Health Psychologist (Spanish Health Department, nº 49328)


  • Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
  • Gottman Method for Infidelity and Trauma
  • EMDR Therapy


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Spain
  • Telehealth (virtual)


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