Mies, Switzerland





  • Betrayal
  • Drifting apart
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Falling out of love
  • Family system or in-law challenges
  • Feeling defeated or unhappy
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Money conflicts
  • Motivation/Priorities/Roles & Responsibility
  • Negotiation and decision making skills
  • Parenting conflicts

Clinical Approach: Developmental Model
Years of Experience: 5+

  • Ph.D., Psy.D., or Ed.D. (Licensed Psychologist) Clinical Psychologist

    All well-trained relationship specialists seek to offer advice, feedback, observations, and homework to help your relationship evolve.

    After graduating from college, it usually takes about five years of graduate school to get a Ph.D. in Psychology. It then requires an additional two years of supervision and passing a written (and often) an oral exam. There are a few states that allow psychologists to prescribe medications (with additional training) but that is uncommon.

    Our professionals can guide you to clarify your individual goals as well as enable you to develop mutually agreed upon and supported relationship goals.
  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • MSc Degree in Psychology
  • BA Degree in Psychology
  • Psychologist NIP (Netherlands association for psychologists)
  • Intuition Practitioner
  • CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional)


  • Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
  • Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Advanced
  • Couples Institute Master Mentor Program
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) Level 1, 2 & 3 trained
  • IFIO (IFS for couple work) Level 1 & 2 trained
  • Psycho-Sexual Couples Counseling
  • Currently in training for Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Therapy


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Switzerland
  • Telehealth (virtual)


  • Virtual
  • In-Office