Calgary, Alberta


Hi, my name is Rovena and I specialize in relationships, sexuality and intimacy. I’m deeply passionate about this work. In fact, I think I have the best job in the world (for me that is)

Every couple is going to have some challenges in these areas at some point in their lives, and that’s ok. Support is available.

If your relationship or intimacy is not as fulfilling and joyful as you were hoping it would be, I can help. If a past relationship is still haunting you; If you are ready for a new one but don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, I can offer support. If your relationship is great, but in the bedroom you are struggling – please reach out. If you are fighting over the same stuff over and over again – there is so much we can do to stop that painful spiral.

I have a strong background in both Eastern and Western approaches to relationships and intimacy.

I work with couples and individuals who need some help with their relationships focusing on issues such as:

– Conflict resolution

– Intimacy struggles (Sexual and Non Sexual intimacy)

– Communication challenges
- Infidelity (physical and emotional)
- Sexless marriage

– Desire Discrepancy

– Sexual Pain

– Feeling Seen, Heard and Deeply Understood in your relationships

– Tantric Sexuality

My sessions are 90 minutes long. We don’t have to rush and we go pretty deep. I want to make sure you get results you want. Please reach out. I look forward to meeting with you.




  • Compatibility conflicts
  • Drifting apart
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Intimacy or sexual issues
  • Money conflicts
  • Motivation/Priorities/Roles & Responsibility
  • Negotiation and decision making skills
  • Physical or emotional affair
  • Polyamory or alternative relationships
  • Pre-marital issues

Clinical Approach: Developmental Model
Years of Experience: 12+

  • RTC (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor) Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
    All well-trained relationship specialists seek to offer advice, feedback, observations, and homework to help your relationship evolve.

    This profession are registered with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) and are regulated by the ACCT Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. RTC practitioners are are required to continue growing as a professional through yearly continuous competency development and are dedicated to providing the highest standard of professional counseling.

    As you know, this is not an easy task when you and your partner are struggling to communicate, cooperate, and connect. This is where a highly trained guide is especially valuable.
  • RTC License #2936


  • Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
  • Gottman Therapy Level 1 and 2
  • Gottman Method for Infidelity and Trauma
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Addressing and Treatment Sex Issues in Psychotherapy
  • Healing Sexual and Relational Trauma
  • Yoga of Sex
  • Urban Tantra
  • Somatic Sex Education


  • English
  • Alberta
  • Canada
  • Telehealth (virtual)


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