Boulder, CO


I’ve been supporting, educating and guiding people in resolving difficult life events for 20+ years as a counselor and coach. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I work with couples and families who are struggling or want to strengthen any part or stage of their relationships, including – dating, premarital, new and blending families, transitions, disharmony, trauma, stagnation, affairs, divorce, illness, loss, addiction and reconciliation. I offer an integrated approach including approaches of the Developmental Model, solution-focused, conflict resolution, attachment repair and enhancing communication that allows for the healing, care and growth of both the individual and the relationship.

As a psychotherapist and coach, it’s my job to understand you and your unique circumstances, be your ally, offer you support, tools and resources to help you overcome worries, troubles, conflict and pain with workable solutions that fit your beliefs, lifestyle and needs.

My philosophy for therapy is holistic. I am a believer in the resiliency of the human spirit prevailing through difficult times. I believe that crisis in our lives is a portal to opportunity that allows (and demands!) for us to reach deep and wide to find strengths and resources to overcome and transcend our current circumstances. That we are designed to live our lives with purpose, meaning and connection – aligned with our values and with energy, passion, love and joy – in the company of those who affirm us, hold us accountable and appreciate our unique gifts. I believe that there is a healthy, workable solution to any problem we face that allows for dignity, integrity, peace and the full realization of our personhood.

My credo: Life is a Gift. What we do with it is the Gift we give back (Edo). Especially in the times we are living now it is so essential to find the healing needed that allows us to fully develop and express our Gifts in harmony with our loved ones. I am honored to support you in this journey to living your best life.




  • Compatibility conflicts
  • Drifting apart
  • Drug or alcohol problems
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Family system or in-law challenges
  • Feeling defeated or unhappy
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Intimacy or sexual issues
  • Lack of trust
  • Medical/Disease/Injury affecting your relationship
  • Motivation/Priorities/Roles & Responsibility
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Physical or emotional affair
  • Pre-marital issues
  • Trauma

Clinical Approach: Developmental Model
Years of Experience: 13+

  • LMFT (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist) Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor (LMFT)
    All well-trained relationship specialists seek to offer advice, feedback, observations, and homework to help your relationship evolve.

    Therapists and counselors have mandatory educational and licensing requirements that are determined by the state or country in which they practice. Obtaining this license requires a Masters degree which takes approximately two years of post graduate study. The license also requires 3000 hours of supervised work and passing written exams.

    Counselors and therapists may make situational determinations about how deep to go into the personal history of each partner. They may seek to help you see where certain unhelpful patterns of behavior originated.
  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)
  • LMFT License #1358


  • Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
  • EMDR Trained
  • LAC (Licensed Addiction Counselor)


  • English
  • Colorado
  • United States
  • Telehealth (virtual)


  • Virtual
  • In-Office